Vegan Future
- a new design line from Sasha La Mer

As the first Danish fashion designer, Alexandra Kops, who is behind Sasha La Mer, is ready with a sustainable and vegan line, which is made from 100% Ramie, which is a plant of the species stinging nettle. The products in the new line are certified with the EU's organic label and are created based on a dream of a future for the fashion industry without pollution, polyester and plastic.

Sasha La Mer has not compromised on either design or quality. The design is feminine and exclusive and highlights the female body and the material is the best vegan, sustainable fabric on the market, sewn by the most skilled craftsmen.

Many good qualities
The soft fibers have been known in East Asia and the Slavic countries for thousands of years. Alexandra remembers how her Ukrainian grandmother wore the softest shirt made by Ramie. Since then, it has fascinated her that a plant that could burn and sting so badly can be transformed into something so soft and have such good properties. A beautiful and unique transformation. In her search for a vegan material, it was therefore only natural to choose Ramie, who also has several of the same properties as silk and therefore fits in nicely with Sasha La Mer's DNA.

The lightness of the fabric makes it fall beautifully around the body and makes it absolutely fantastic to wear. In addition to being sustainable, the material is both temperature-regulating and allows the skin to breathe. It is hypoallergenic, has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, and is therefore one of the best materials you can choose for your body. Everything is 100% organic and ecological, from dyeing to the gentle steaming that the fabric has undergone to get the natural look.

Two beautiful jackets
Vegan Future, the new sustainable line, initially consists of two elegant jackets, both made in white and black Ramie. Again, it is the pure Nordic lines that are combined with luxurious, feminine details and high craftsmanship quality. The natural structure of the fabric creates an intriguing surface, which is a beautiful detail in itself and the natural expression gives it additional character.

One jacket is extra long with a slightly hinted waist, an elegant chest line and marked shoulders as well as two high slits, one on each side. A classic design with beautiful feminine details that soften the clean lines and let you radiate and highlight the body's shapes. A beautiful button of swarowski crystal glitters in the waist and on both sleeves and gives the feeling of luxury and high quality. The design is both casual and elegant and is perfect for a pair of jeans or for a walk in the city.

The second jacket is designed as a half-length kimono with wide sleeves and a large collar that can be folded down or closed high with a sparkling button of swarowski crystal. Like a classic kimono, the jacket is wrapped around the body and closed with a fine ribbon at the waist. A beautiful alternative over the cocktail dress on a cool evening or as an elegant and feminine contrast to a pair of raw jeans.

An exclusive collection that makes you feel like something special, while at the same time doing something good for the world around you and its future.