Sasha La Mer is Danish luxury design with international roots and influences. It represents a vision of high quality, exuberant creativity, the essence of a woman’s inner beauty and strength. It is timeless, unashamedly self-indulgent resort-wear, that can’t help but make you feel special and glow from the inside.

Alexandra (Sasha) Kops
Is the creative inspiration behind this brand. She is the Designer and Creative Director, as well as being a happy mother and wife. She enjoyed a loving upbringing immersed in dance, music, literature, art, and theater. Her creativity, love of vivid colours and her joy for life have combined in her overwhelming desire to make women look and feel spectacular when they wear her creations.

Sasha’s collections use pure Nordic lines, that combine with clear and vibrant Mediterranean colours to highlight feminine contours, creating a sensual silhouette of the female body that communicates a unique and strong expression of inner balance and external beauty.

The clothes are made of pure luxury silk, woven to the highest quality, with focus on sustainability, natural fibres and a principle of zero tolerance for plastic, a reflection of Sasha’s love of nature, the environment and life in general.

Sasha La Mer is the ultimate sustainable luxury resort-wear brand, which consists of several season-neutral collections that can be worn all the year round.

All designs are sown in Ukraine by some of the world's most skilled artisans with deeply established tailoring traditions and a long experience with silk, all of which reinforce Sasha La Mer's uncompromising commitment to the highest standards of quality.

Welcome to the world of Sasha La Mer